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Our wish for 2015: Strive for balance to stay on the path of Health and Prosperity!

At the beginning of each year, often, people wish each other Health and Prosperity. These two objectives are often perceived as abstract. One of the best ways to achieve these two objectives is to soak in the life cycle (Flow).

What is Flow?

The incessant flow of life is made up of three elements:
– The first is at the level of ideas, projects, and is made of fine energy.
– The second is to put into action the ideas and projects, and is made of energy of action and transformation.
– The final element is to harvest the results (good or bad) of our actions, and consists of a crystallised energy into matter.

Here is an example of the life cycle: a couple is planning a child, conceives the child, and withness the birth.

Health and prosperity in our life can be achieved by continuously repeating this cycle. It’s a matter of balance. When one of the elements of the life cycletakes too much space compared to the other, a blockage happens in the Flow. This situation is conducive to the development of disease (physical or situational).

If you can balance these three energies in your life, you will reach the balance of your energy centers (chakras) which will make you experience a smooth flow of your own energy, and you will vibrate in tune with the energy of the Universe. And you will realize your Essence.

Happy New Year 2015 in the Flow!
January 1st, 2015


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