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New Courses: Anatomy-Physiology-Pathology

We are adding to our service offering new online anatomy courses. As of now, you can start the anatomy course mandatory to the Massage Practitioner Certification (500 hours):

Anatomy-Physiology (level I)
Module 1:     The Skeletal System
Module 2:     Muscular System and Joints
Module 3:     The Functions of the Muscles
Module 4:     The Cardiovascular System
Module 5:     Other systems

It is a 120-hour course that you do module by module, in the comfort of your home. There are 5 modules, and the estimate time to spend on each one is provided to you when you register. At the end of each module, you receive 5 multiple choice questions and 5 questions to develop, before receiving the next module (readings and exercices).

After the level I course, you can do a One-day Practical Workshop at Centre EauVie, a palpatory experiment on muscles and bones.

Then, if you wish to persue your training towards the 1000-hour Massage Therapist Certification, a second course is offered:

Anatomy-Physiology-Pathology (level II)
Module 1:     Specialized Systems
Module 2:     Body Functions and Metabolism
Module 3:     Pathologies and Particular Conditions

The same way as for the previous level, you study at your own pace from your home, and you can contact us when you need precisions by phone, by email or via Google Hangouts. At the end of each module, an exam is sent to you.

See this page for more details. Don’t hesitate to contact us about this course: info@waterlifecenter.com.


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