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Full Moon: Walking Meditation to Ground YourSelf

“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.”
~ Khalil Gibran ~

In this full moon day, it is tempting for me to speak to you about doing a meditation for elevation. But to me, it does no good to meditate if you are not grounded. Indeed, human beings are like trees, and can’t grow beautiful branches that spread to the sky, and make beautiful flowers nor produce fruits, if their roots aren’t solidly grounded into the Earth.

A therapist told me when I was younger that I was like an inverted pyramid : I had only a little toe on the ground, and a lot of energy in my head, trying to reach nirvana high up in the Cosmos. He explained to me that it would be impossible to flip the pyramid upside down, that I would have to slowly build angled supports to make its base larger and larger, to finally have a nice large pyramid… containing the small inverted one!

This is to illustrate how much I was not grounded! I would study and study the spiritual principles of the great Masters, but I had no foundation to comprehend them and bring them in my day to day life. I was flotting in the ethers!

This is why, dear yogis and yoginis, I suggest you to do a walking meditation in this day of full moon : go out, either under the sun or under the full moon, with full awareness of your breathing, your movements, your beating heart, the wind on your skin, the surrounding sounds, everything that is in the moment. In full awareness, and for as long as you enjoy it.

And write me a sentence about the ONE thing you have learn doing this exercise.


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