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What is Biodynamics Therapy?

“Biodynamic Therapy is set upon the therapeutic powers of the Dynamic Stillness, the Breath of Life, the tidal potency, fluids and other Natural Laws at work supporting and generating life. No technique will be taught other than full cooperation with the composite of the Living Mechanism and its intention within the moment. It is not about bones, or levers, or palpation. It is not about balanced membranous or ligamentous articular tension; these approaches are a different composite. It is about the Tide at work as the primary source of diagnosis and treatment with no application of force to Osteopathic lesions or psycho-emotional systems. The environment of the program is in the quiet of the Natural world. Time for rest, reflection and exercise is woven into the program.

“Osteopathy has shamefully hidden its Greatest Mystery and resources. I believe that to acknowledge a higher wisdom at work and to sense rather than palpate is at the Soul of Osteopathy. A soul that will not compromise the beauty and consciousness that lies beyond our intellect. Integrity demands that we speak undiluted truth. We are always perfect beginners, inspired, awed, apprehensive and self-searching.

“Within the Dynamic Stillness we are healed without process or time. From the Breath of Life a new living matrix is created in each moment. The Tide brings us the power of Life and “feeds” us. The fluids respond, lawfully balancing the power of life and skillfully “driving” the continuum towards perfect proportion.

“May our efforts be of Service.”

– James Jealous D.O.

Who will benefit from a Biodynamics Therapy session?

Biodynamics Therapy is a very gentle approach. The receiver keeps his/her clothes. Most people will benefit from this approach:

  • Any person with a health problem who wants to get better
  • Any person seeking to be accompanied to free past traumas
  • Any person seeking well being

Who is the 3-day Biodynamics Therapy training for?

All practitioners with working experience in the Healing and health care professions are welcomed. 

Centre EauVie thanks Dr. Tseng who accepted her invitation to come teach in Quebec for the first time.


Conference topic

Dr. Tseng is going to address the fascinating approach of Biodynamics, how it can be applied to help the body to recover its natural state of health, but also how it applies in nature in general. He will share with us some of the amazing results he experiments in his practice.

After the conference, there will be time for attendees to ask their questions to Dr. Tseng.

Schedule & Cost

  • April 10, 2018
  • from 7 pm to 9:30 pm


  • $15/pers.

Date & Venue

  • April 10, 2018
  • At Collège André-Grasset in Montréal


Course Description

This training is not only an energetic technique but also a training to sensitive consciousness and meditation, for the giver as well as for the receiver. The experiential work in class and outside will offer a support for the students to develop balance between technical skills, awareness and creativity.

The program of this training includes presentations and demonstrations of basic skills in Biodynamics Therapy (Biodynamics philosophy and how-to, state of mind, supportive table movements, presence and sensitive consciousness, accompanying the receiver, professional ethics, notions of anatomy, etc.), exercises, movement classes, supervised hands-on practice sessions, and an evaluation. Following this 3-day course, the student will have the basics of Biodynamics and will be able to give a satisfactory and efficient session to a receiver.

Schedule & Cost

Intensive training over 3 days:

  • starts at 6 pm on April 12, 2018
  • ends at 5 pm on April 15, 2018
  • 28 hours of training

Price includes

  • notes handouts
  • attestation
  • lodging (2 per room), meals et tx
  • CAD$850

Date & Venue

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Our teacher

Dr. George Tseng

Dr. George Tseng graduated from University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor in Medicine and a Bachelor in Surgery; subsequently he specialized in Orthopedic Surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons, in Edinburgh, UK, and at Hong Kong Academy of Orthopedic Medicine.

He developed serious interests in rehabilitation after exhausting all known medical interventions in managing his children’s illnesses without satisfactory resolutions.

With some physiotherapy and Chinese Medicine colleagues, he learned and ventured into various modes of manual therapies including myofascial releases, strain counterstrains, Muscle energies, Craniosacral Therapies, Massage, Tui Na, acupuncture, Qi-Gong, herbs, supplements and various exercises. Many of these therapies are helpful to patients, but none as promising as Biodynamics.

He took Basic Cranial Course by Cranial Academy, and took several classes under Dr. James Jealous and many of his Faculty Teaching staffs, as well as other Biodynamic Teachers.

Dr. Tseng now practices only Biodynamics in his own Clinic in Hong Kong.

He is seeing patients across the whole spectrum of Human disorders, from all ages. Biodynamics treats the whole patient, not a part or any specific Diagnosis.

“Besides offering treatments, we inspire patient to take life in perspectives, offering advices in exercises, diet, supplements, essential oils, complementary healing aids, and specialist’s referral if necessary.

“Many patients see their condition miraculously improve after lifetime blockages are removed. It is marvellous to see self-healing emerge in most unlikely places like teeth regeneration or resolution of dental plagues. “

Dr. Tseng believes different patients have different needs in different stages of their lives. He encourages and supports patients to explore self-healing. Many of his patients have since become Instructors and Practitioners in various self-healing fields. Sharing self-healing knowledge and experience is his lifetime passion that he hopes will be his contribution to this world.

“Treatment of the whole patient may require enlistments of the whole social support network of the patient. Conversely the whole society may be positively affected by treating a single patient. It is like sowing seeds and try to help them grow.

 “I hope you would enjoy Journeying together in the road towards Health!”

 - Dr. Tseng